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[Read from Left to Right - Prologue 1 - 15 = IS BEING RE-DRAWN :D] --- :!WARNING!: If you don't want to read too sad and some disturbing pages, DON'T read the Prologue, though you will never find out why the heroine is a Man Hater :D --- "A woman who is a wallflower and a man who is a playboy/rake is the best lover to have... If you capture their heart..." Fhate Airette is a manhater since she was a child because of the things happening around her. She is considered to be a beauty in their place, but she has never had a boyfriend since birth(Atleast, a LOYAL one) She is content with her life till... Vincent Rhey appeared, the most notorious rake of all men alive in Earth. Vincent Rhey is the son of one of the most richest man in Earth. People wants all the Rhey family dead to get their hands on their money. Rhey has his life easy, money to spend, friends to hang out and every women at his beckon, except one... Fhate Airette. Vincent and his friends made a bet, a bet to see if Vincent can get Fhate to fall inlove with him. The Ultimate Manhater VS PlayBoy... Round 1 Begin! [Updates : Sporadic :P] [Manga Type : Shoujo Manga] [Story set in : Japan]


June 23rd, 2010, 2:04 am



Minna~ Honto ni Gomen nasai!!

I've been busy with school (A.K.A Cosplay, watching of anime, eating and sleeping o.o) with these pass few days! That's why I was not able to update!

I'm really really sorry! So far the story is on-going on my head D: I need to draw some soon or else I might forget the plot! Lol!

Honto honto! Gomen nasai mina-san!!

I'll be back! Yakusoku!!~


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May 1st, 2010, 6:18 am


I need a New Template!

Like what is says here :

I am in need of a New Template for this web manga :D I just want to make it look unique and all xD

So if anyone's up for the job! Please, don't hesitate to offer your help xD


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