Name: Fhate Airette
Age: 17 years old
Birthday: February 15
Hobby: Cooking, beating up guys that comes 5 feet close to her
Likes: Ice Cream, Romance Novels, and Cats
Dislikes: MEN as well as Frogs
About Her: Fhate Airette is a teenage girl who loathes men. She doesn't want any man coming near her. Every male students are afraid of her in her school, but mysteriously still likes her. They view her as the perfect girl of every man's dreams, well, that is their own point of view (even with her flaw *HATES MEN*). And every female students view her as their role model being the perfect lady? But... Because of those views that they can't see the real her...

Name: Vincent Rhey
Age: 18 years old
Birthday: October 15
Hobby: Playing the Violin, and flirting with women
Likes: Cats, Cakes, Strong headed girls who hates men
Dislikes: Butterflies...
About Him: Vincent Rhey is known to be the world's no.1 playboy. With different women in every 3 hours seen with him as an example. He entertains women but he never steps over the line, he knows his limit. He is studying in an all boys school. He has fear of butterflies because of a very weird and terrible accident in his past. He excels in academics, sports, in everything, that's why people call him the Child Prodigy.